Drinking Chocolate in its Purest Form

Whole Heirloom Cacao Beans ~ Stone Ground ~ Beyond Fair-Trade ~ Non-Profit Mission ~ Direct Relationships with Small Family Farmers in Peru & Guatemala ~ Tested for Heavy Metals & Mold

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KAKAO is sold in two main categories: Signature Blend (71% Cacao Beans; our most popular product) or Pure (100% Cacao Beans). Each category has various bag sizes and cacao varieties to choose from.

What makes KAKAO the purest, highest quality cacao?

Native cacao beans

KAKAO sources 100% native, wild-crafted, organic cacao beans only. We go the extra mile to ensure our cacao isn't mixed with any other lower-grade, genitically altered, or hybridized cacao. We have direct relationships with the farmers from whom we source, ensuring our customers receive only the highest quality drinking chocolate available. Our pure and signature blend are made from a cacao variety called cacao chuncho, which is native to Peru.

Whole bean

Unlike cocoa powder or the 'raw' cacao powders you find on your grocery store shelves, our KAKAO is stone ground using THE WHOLE BEAN. This means the cacao butter is included, resulting in a higher nutritional value and a higher concentration of the plant compounds that elicit cacao's medicinal effects.

Minimally processing using traditional methods

Due to our minimal processing, our cacao beans still contain most, if not all, of their beneficial compounds. Once harvested, our native cacao beans undergo fermentation, a natural process that cultivates their flavor profile and activates certain compounds. The beans are then roasted at low temperatures, cracked (winnowed), and stone ground by traditional means. We go the extra mile to food process our finished paste, resulting it a fine powder. This makes our customer's cacao ceremonies as simple as blending our KAKAO with hot water. No more chopping massive cacao blocks! Learn more here.

Made with intention

From tree to cup, our drinking chocolate is cultivated with intention. Our entire process is approached with reverence and respect for both the land and the people responsible for cacao's cultivation. Reciprocity is expressed at every step. Even our finished products are handled with care, out of respect for where they came, and respect for where they are going.

Replace Your Coffee With KAKAO

What are its benefits?

Improved mood

Enhanced creativity

Prolonged focus

Elevated energy levels without the jitters or crash

Relief from stress


An open & receptive heart

Enhanced connection to deeper emotions

Deepened meditations, inner work, & contemplations

Greater confidence in communication

Feelings of bliss & connection

Get started with your daily KAKAO practice

Try a bag of our Signature Blend or make your own blend using our KAKAO Pure.

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