How To Prepare KAKAO

Note: Please ensure you are well hydrated before, during & post cacao consumption. Cacao is a diuretic, meaning if you were dehydrated before consumption, headache may be experienced. 

Recommended for use in the morning or mid day.


1. Heat 8oz (or mug-full) hot water in kettle or stovetop.

2. For best results, use a blender safe for hot liquids*.

3. Blend water + 4tbsp KAKAO until creamy

*If you do not have a blender safe for hot liquids, us a whisk. We do not temper our chocolate, meaning separation can occur. A blender ensures the creamiest consistency. Our favorite is the Vitamix or an immersion/stick blender.

Optional: Add maca powder, coconut oil, extra cayenne etc. Our Blend was made so that you don't have to add anything else.

4. Set your intention & invite the spirit of cacao into your heart.

5. .....Delight in the magical taste AND blissful vibes. You can meditate, journal, walk, connect intentionally with a loved one, create, or dance!

For a more detailed explanation on how to hold a personal cacao ceremony, click here.