The Symbolism Behind The Dragon

Since launching KAKAO into the world in 2016, I often have been asked what is the meaning behind our logo, our beautiful white and gold dragon.

Until now, I have refrained from putting this information on the website because it has held such a special and sacred place within my heart.

I was recently inspired to bring this information forward, which tells me that the world is ready for her full activation.

It is with the following words that I reveal one of the most meaningful things to my soul, and something I could never truly put words to in a way that would express the fullest depth of my contract with this dragon. I myself am still catching up to the meaning and fullness of our work together, and I know that our journey will continue to unfold throughout this lifetime.

In many of my early master plant ceremonies I began to see this beautiful white and gold dragon. She felt very familiar to me. In those ceremonies, it felt as though she was initiating me into true empowerment, and into my feminine expression. To me, she represented truth, freedom, flight, creativity, beauty, royalty, and honor.

When I began working with ceremonial cacao, this dragon again presented herself to me. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but she made it clear from the very beginning that she is connected to cacao and specifically my expression and brand, KAKAO.

It was later that I learned that this dragon has been my main guide in every one of my lifetimes here on Earth. I don't tell this to everyone, but her name is Gaia. It finally all made sense to me, to know that the Spirit of Mother Earth (represented by the dragon) has been my confidant and main guide - and that we are working together yet again in this lifetime to assist her ascension process...

What an honor and privilege it is to walk this Earth we her by my side.

May she activate something meaningful within you. Something pure and full of love.

In gratitude,