Sourcing Heirloom Cacao

 KAKAO's Sourcing in Peru & Guatemala

Throughout our website, we share in detail about the direct sourcing of native cacao from wild farms in Peru & Guatemala, as well as the relationships we hold with those on the ground in both countries. We also share our story and the 'why' behind creating this organization in the first place.

Through our travels and research, we were ultimately guided to partner with the native strain of cacao from Peru, called Cacao Chuncho and the native strain from Guatemala, Cacao Criollo. Having been exposed to and vastly educated on Cacao Chuncho and Criollo over the years, we are extremely passionate about its history, its preservation, and the farmers and communities connected to it.

To our knowledge, there is currently no record of using Cacao ceremonially in Peru. We have heard of Indigenous peoples in Peru growing cacao, offering it as a part of Dieta in combination with other Master Plant Teachers, or using it as medicine especially during pregnancy.

With that said, we wholeheartedly stand by Cacao Chuncho’s ceremonial uses and we feel honored and privileged to share this special Peruvian cacao as a heart-opener, an assistant in emotional healing, an ally in creativity, and a connector to oneself, others, Creator, nature and beyond.