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KAKAO Single Serve Sachet - 40g

KAKAO Single Serve Sachet - 40g

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1 single serve - 40g (Signature Blend)

KAKAO is a high-vibe, ceremonial-grade drinking chocolate made from whole cacao beans. Our cacao is sourced from Peru in the native strain called 'Chuncho' via direct trade.

A large part of KAKAO's non-profit mission is to help protect the native strains of cacao and the communities which cultivate them.

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Cacao: Its History & Uses

Our Sourcing & Production Methods

KAKAO's Team & Mission

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Ingredients & Nutrition


  • 100% Whole cacao beans (stone-ground into a paste and then chopped for your convenience)
  • Panela*
  • Chile powder
  • Whole vanilla beans

*Panela: Raw, unprocessed sugar from Peru; high in minerals and known for its healing properties.

All of our ingredients are directly sourced in Peru from small, wild farms that are natively owned.

KAKAO is not sold as a block. But rest assured, this is Cacao Paste that you're looking for. If KAKAO was left in the sun, it would melt and return to its original block form, which we simply chopped in a food processor for your convenience! In non-summer months, it will arrive to your doorstep as a granular product that you can scoop easily with a tablespoon. 

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: 4 tbsp (40g)
Calories: 170  Fat: 12g  Sat. Fat: 7g  Trans Fat: 0g  Sodium: 0mg  Total Carbs: 16g  Sugar: 8g  Dietary Fiber: 9g  Protein: 4g



Please read the full step-by-step process of making your KAKAO with intention and reverence here.

Medium-sized Ceremonial Dose Recipe using KAKAO’s Signature Blend

  • 8oz hot water
  • 40 grams of KAKAO (1 SACHET)

Optional additions*: Maca powder, cinnamon, extra sweetener (*Our Blend is delicious as is!)

    Blend all ingredients in a blender safe for hot liquids, for a smooth & frothy drink! 

    If you don't have a blender that is safe for hot liquids, you can use a whisk. Please note that our product is at its best & creamiest when a blender is used.

    Please sit ceremonially and with sacred intention with this cacao. Adjust dose for your own body and needs, as this is powerful medicine and it deserves 90+ minutes of conscious connection.

    Learn more: KAKAO Preparation & Creating A Sacred Ritual.



    Every batch of KAKAO is blessed with a unique intention to serve the collective. The spirit of cacao guides us in this process as we channel & create new editions. 

    Learn How KAKAO Blessings Came To Be


    Introducing the February blessing of KAKAO….The AMETHYST Edition 💎

    With this cup of KAKAO, I enter into my temple. A sacred space built entirely with amethyst crystal, a place that is solely for me. As I enter in, I am instantly grounded and fully present. I see the rays of light coming in from the top window. There are feminine masters rooted in the Egyptian goddess lineages walking through the space, offering their wisdom and healing energy. There are large cats roaming the parameters of my temple, bringing the energy of protection, fierceness and sensuality. There are beautiful altars through the space, brimming of rose petals, crystals and candles. I can hear the trickling of water from the fountain in the center. I sense the consistent aroma of blue lotus essence and rose water. This is a space of complete tranquility.

    I sit down in the center of my temple, on a cushion that is rooted directly on an amethyst floor. The energy of the amethyst all around me cleanses my heart, body, mind and spirit. I am entirely protected. My chakras open and align with each other. My crown chakra blossoms open like a lotus flower. I have never felt more relaxed. Pearls of Wisdom and Truth download into my cells. I am floating yet feeling completely grounded and calm at the same time.

    I am a goddess, overflowing with life force energy, in the pleasurable, painful, all encompassing dance with life.

    The AMETHYST Edition is available through the month of February 💎

    Product image taken by: Carly Adlington @carly.bea

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