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A Community of Like-Hearted Humans

Please check back here soon as in the coming weeks this page will contain a full calendar of free, public ceremonies that will be hosted on a regular basis.
This is a time of awakening and with that comes much emotion, good and bad. We desire to align with the KAKAO community and come together to feel, heal, share, connect and co-create.
Our intention is to offer safe spaces to more people across the globe.
We look forward to this next phase of community and friendship, and so appreciate those that have been on the journey with us for some time now.
In addition to regular virtual ceremonies and other offerings, we will be providing a library of conscious content that we have built up over the years. This free content will be hosted right here through this link by early Sept 2020.
In love & gratitude,
Makenzie, Michael and the KAKAO Team

Community Testimonials

"Makenzie and Michael are not only family, they are two of the most deeply committed and embodied individuals I've ever spent time with. Their genuine presence, level of connection, and capacity to hold space is unmatched and a catalyst for a profound opening of the heart that they've made their life's work. By entering into sacred space with them, you will see your soul reflected back in a way that will shift the way you live, lead and love."

Adam Rubin

"I am extremely grateful & blessed to have had the opportunity to sit always in the safest of containers and share with Michael and Makenzie. From their Kakao ceremonies to virtual mens circles I have always felt so supported by their words and actions which are guided by the very essence of pure love and consciousness. Our work together has inspired a great shift in the way I choose to live and love."

Jenessa Stearns

"Michael and Makenzie are masterful in creating sacred, safe space individually, together and for a group. The space they create is an invitation to go and grow deeper on all levels — whether it’s relationships, business, sacred sexuality or working with your shadow, addressing money issues, or inviting more healing and forgiveness in your life. They are the real deal. They do their own work which makes them potent and powerful leaders in helping others go and grow deeper. They both inspire me to be a better human being — on all levels."

Amy Marzluff

"When you meet Michael and Makenzie you are met with clarity and presence. From the first moment of meeting them I knew I could be exactly as I was and wouldn’t be judged. Instead I knew I’d be held, loved and received. To witness their sovereignty to themselves and to one another is a blessing."

Joy Lindholm

"Makenzie & Michael are the two most radical & beautiful souls I know. They've not only guided me through countless personal breakthroughs via cacao ceremonies, inner-child work, podcasts & deep convo's, but they were also the catalysts that inspired me to birth my own entity that's currently changing the way business is done in my city. So dope! They epitomize the term thought (heart)-leaders, and together they ARE changing the world."

Jess Guidroz