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Rose Heart-Opening Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

Rose Heart-Opening Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

KAKAO Ceremonial Cacao


Heart-opening bliss in a cup.  Rose is a beautiful compliment to our ceremonial-grade cacao.  Cacao lifts and energizes the body and mind and ignites creativity, while the rose essential oil is rejuvenating, stimulating, and harmonizing.  This powerful duo pair together perfectly to amplify the spirit and reduce stress.


4-5 tablespoons KAKAO ceremonial-grade cacao
1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 cup fresh, filtered HOT water
1-2 teaspoons maple syrup
1 drop Rose essential oil *see note
1 toothpick (or similar)

  1. Blend all ingredients except the Rose oil on high for...

3-Ingredient Ceremonial Cacao Drink Recipe

Why Should I Help Protect Native Strains of Cacao?

Why Should I Help Protect Native Strains of Cacao?

It's the age old question, "what's in it for me?" Something we all ask (on some level) when presented with an opportunity to contribute to a cause bigger than us. But in this case, why would you even consider donating your precious resources (money) to a cause such as protecting and saving native strains of cacao?

Let's start with what's happening with cacao on a global level. As you likely already know, cacao is the fundamental and first ingredient in any chocolate product. There's a lot of chocolate circulating the planet, which means there is also a need...

Cacao Ceremony: What To Expect

Cacao Ceremony: What To Expect

Wait, what? You're encouraging me to make drinking chocolate part of my daily spiritual practice?

Chocolate...seriously? Yes, seriously!

And here's why:

Cacao, aside from its many physical health benefits (a topic for another discussion) is a powerful plant medicine. When used to assist daily, spiritual practices (meditation, journaling, breath work, etc.), you can expect to experience a number of delightful benefits:

1. A heart-opening experience:

I feel obligated to leave this one pretty open ended. Ceremonial cacao works almost magically at opening up the heart chakra. For most people this will mean FEELING, and that's partly why this...

What Makes Cacao 'CEREMONIAL-GRADE'?

What Makes Cacao 'CEREMONIAL-GRADE'?

All chocolate is made from cacao beans but not all cacao beans are created equal. What is it then that makes our KAKAO, or any cacao for that matter, "ceremonial grade"?

1. It's produced from Native Cacao Strains: native meaning it's found growing naturally, in the wild, without human interaction/cultivation. These strains are both the rarest and most concentrated in the compounds necessary for ceremonial use.

- Criollo: (literally meaning "Native" in Spanish) native to Guatemala

          - small beans, fine flavor, more susceptible to pests and disease

- Chuncho: native to Peru

          - small beans, fine flavor,